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Fashion trends of Summer-Spring 2018!!!

Many brands and fashion designers across the world have already showcased their Spring-Summer 2018 collection. The spring/ summer collection this year thankfully breaks some prolonged fashion trends and mark the revival of some very hot trends of the past. We have collected some of the major fashion trends that are probably going to rock this summer season.

Pencil Skirts:

The old fashioned pencil skirts make their big comeback this year. I’ve always been very fond of pencil skirts and this time around they’re longer lined and are therefore more flattering. Find your breeze this summer with the return of this fashion sense.

Summer Plaid:

For people who think plaids are only for winter, they’re wrong. The plaid is back this summer and all for good. From red plaid shirts to wear on your outdoor picnic lunches to the more graceful grey plaid skirts for the chic parties, we’re loving this fashion trend.

Indo-western dresses:

Fusion is awesome, and indo-western dresses have proved it. Indo western wear is the perfect union of Indian and western culture and is poses the best fashion taste of the both cultures. There are a number of ways you can blend the ethnicities to make a fashion statement. You can try from shirt styled high neck blouses to wearing a crop top with ladies motorcycle jacket paired with shalwar.


You must be familiar with the fusion of athletic wear and normal wear I.e. athleisure. Athleisure is the trendiest and most happening fashion wear for this summer season. You can easily pair up your casual baggy t-shirts with a pair of leggings or even with yoga pants, it will give you a trendy hippie look. You can even wear your leggings to work coupled with a longer tunic and voila you are all set to go

Fanny packs:

Fanny packs or bum bags are the latest trend seen in Hollywood area. So, if you are a fashionista you are bound to get one soon. They can be paired with almost anything you wear from casuals to party wear. And if you like to ride a motorbike you can also pair your fanny pack with a ladies XXS motorcycle helmet from

Pastel Hues:

The floral patterns and primary colors of the past few years get their much needed break in 2018 with cool pastel hues. You can sport a lavender shade gown for a hangout with friends or you can go ultraviolet for your date night. These cool and breezy shades are perfect for a fun summer.

Get Fringed:

Fringes are the latest trend from your hair cut to fringe bags everything with fringes is in. the most new hair trend this year is still fringes now it’s up to you that you want them with bangs or without bang. The latest hashtag for this season will be #withorwithoutfringes.

Trainers and Sneakers:

Everyone wants comfort with style and when it comes to shoes we all know that sneakers and trainers are one of the most comfortable ones available. The best part about owning them is that you can pair them up with almost everything from your wardrobe let them be skinny jeans, shorts, minis or any kind of frock you can easily go out with a pair of comfortable sneakers and yet look perfectly stylish.

Dark Denims:

We all know that denims are an integral part of every wardrobe, no wardrobe is considered complete without a collection of denim. Let them be jackets, jeans, skirts, bags or shoes everywhere denim is in trend like ever and guess what once again the darker denims are in this season. You can wear from dark indigos to patch worked pants all sorts of denim clothing is in fashion this year.


We know all about the rush that comes with the wedding shopping, stitching, planning and  getting tired of it! WE KNOW! And that’s why we’re bent on giving you ways to reduce on those stress-folds on your forehead. After all the wedding shopping is done, the next thing is to find one ace-level designer who you can literally do a ‘trust-fall’ with, handing them your precious outfits and blouses that need stitching, altering and a whole lot of perfection on the fitting.

  • Mana Design Studio

Need a little help with creating your own fashion statement? Then Mana Design Studio owned by the talented Aarthi Senthil, is the right place for you to start off. A design studio that loves experimenting and providing exquisite designs on Bridal Trousseau, Bridal blouses, evening wear, comfy maternity wear, Lehengas, kids wear, wedding gowns and more. A wide range of designs and collection at Mana without a doubt will get you on a diva mode right then!

col mana

  • Paroksha Design House

Situated along the city’s busiest area, in Valluvarkottam, Paroksha specializes in designing Bridal blouses, customized Lehengas, Anarkalis, Maxi and adorable kids attire too. Their designs have unique standards, the kind that will make you instantly fall in love with it. They have quickly growing list bridal customers, approaching them for their designs and works. Col paroksha

  • Ekanta

On the lines of ‘Style, Comfort and Elegance’ that women these days prefer, Ekanta adds to it, creative designs and perfect fabric selection. Having won ‘Best Use of Creative Materials’ award on her designs, Ruby a graduate from NIFT, prefers giving substance to creative designs. The designs at Ekanta encourage a whole lot of ‘Feel Good’ factors with their fantabulous work on Bridal blouse designs. col ekanta

  • Yuti

If you’re bent on creating your own style while making heads turn with best neat, trendy attire, Yuti gives you all of it! From customized bridal and party Lehengas, to gorgeous dresses, to kids wear Yuti gives a wide range on designs and trendy styles. Owned by Sumathi Ramakrishnan and Chitra Ramakrishnan, Yuti designs and creations have hit some of the popular ramps and has been on most brides list of favourites!

Col yuti

  • Athreya

Athreya is one of the rising, quickly growing, and an exclusive Bridal design store. Patterns and designs at this place are totally unique with perfect workmanship. With very welcoming customers for their creative designs, Athreya is starting a buzz around fashion and design business with their work. Athreya 1

  • Vivikta Designs

With impressive designs and stone work on blouses, Viviktha is making a great difference for brides who love the in trends and creatively done work on Bridal outfits and kids wear. Trendy fashion factors added to their work, brides love and want their designs and colorful patterns to be a part of their attire for their big day! 12115543_689758174458043_4238314476016896381_nPhoto credits: Ashok Arsh Photography

  • Shaams Designer Studio

Artistic patterns, elegant handmade embroidery work, creative design work are all what Shaams Designer Studio is all about. They also do some amazing kids wear tailoring for birthday parties that have themes and costumes for kids. One-of- a- kind patterns is what Shaams studio specializes in, we must say! Shaams 2

  • Studio V 7

Helping women get their hands on elite styles and elegant designs, Studio V7 has managed to set standards for their customers who approach them for designer or bridal blouses. They also have a wide range of collection on sarees and accessories that you’ll instantly fall in love with.

v 7