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Fashion trends of Summer-Spring 2018!!!

Many brands and fashion designers across the world have already showcased their Spring-Summer 2018 collection. The spring/ summer collection this year thankfully breaks some prolonged fashion trends and mark the revival of some very hot trends of the past. We have collected some of the major fashion trends that are probably going to rock this summer season.

Pencil Skirts:

The old fashioned pencil skirts make their big comeback this year. I’ve always been very fond of pencil skirts and this time around they’re longer lined and are therefore more flattering. Find your breeze this summer with the return of this fashion sense.

Summer Plaid:

For people who think plaids are only for winter, they’re wrong. The plaid is back this summer and all for good. From red plaid shirts to wear on your outdoor picnic lunches to the more graceful grey plaid skirts for the chic parties, we’re loving this fashion trend.

Indo-western dresses:

Fusion is awesome, and indo-western dresses have proved it. Indo western wear is the perfect union of Indian and western culture and is poses the best fashion taste of the both cultures. There are a number of ways you can blend the ethnicities to make a fashion statement. You can try from shirt styled high neck blouses to wearing a crop top with ladies motorcycle jacket paired with shalwar.


You must be familiar with the fusion of athletic wear and normal wear I.e. athleisure. Athleisure is the trendiest and most happening fashion wear for this summer season. You can easily pair up your casual baggy t-shirts with a pair of leggings or even with yoga pants, it will give you a trendy hippie look. You can even wear your leggings to work coupled with a longer tunic and voila you are all set to go

Fanny packs:

Fanny packs or bum bags are the latest trend seen in Hollywood area. So, if you are a fashionista you are bound to get one soon. They can be paired with almost anything you wear from casuals to party wear. And if you like to ride a motorbike you can also pair your fanny pack with a ladies XXS motorcycle helmet from

Pastel Hues:

The floral patterns and primary colors of the past few years get their much needed break in 2018 with cool pastel hues. You can sport a lavender shade gown for a hangout with friends or you can go ultraviolet for your date night. These cool and breezy shades are perfect for a fun summer.

Get Fringed:

Fringes are the latest trend from your hair cut to fringe bags everything with fringes is in. the most new hair trend this year is still fringes now it’s up to you that you want them with bangs or without bang. The latest hashtag for this season will be #withorwithoutfringes.

Trainers and Sneakers:

Everyone wants comfort with style and when it comes to shoes we all know that sneakers and trainers are one of the most comfortable ones available. The best part about owning them is that you can pair them up with almost everything from your wardrobe let them be skinny jeans, shorts, minis or any kind of frock you can easily go out with a pair of comfortable sneakers and yet look perfectly stylish.

Dark Denims:

We all know that denims are an integral part of every wardrobe, no wardrobe is considered complete without a collection of denim. Let them be jackets, jeans, skirts, bags or shoes everywhere denim is in trend like ever and guess what once again the darker denims are in this season. You can wear from dark indigos to patch worked pants all sorts of denim clothing is in fashion this year.

Life in the USA Everyday Life in America

Every country has different everyday ways and cultural mores. To get to know American life, it pays to know certain mannerisms and habits most native-born Americans share.

Greetings: Americans shake hands firmly with each other when first introduced, or when they meet again, but rarely when they part (a more European custom). Social kissing, as a greeting, accompanied by a light body hug, is also sometimes acceptable between men and women who know each other well and among women. American men rarely embrace each other or kiss on both cheeks.

Distance and Eye Contact: When two Americans are standing and talking to each other they stay at least 16 inches away from each other, farther away than is customary in many other cultures. An American may feel threatened if you come too close, even if such a distance is perfectly ordinary in your own culture. Touching is not recommended, but making full, unambiguous eye contact at the first meeting stage is essential. Americans tend to warm up to people who smile, especially when the smile is accompanied by full eye contact.

Getting to the Point: When asking an American for something, especially when dealing with sales help in stores and markets, extensive preliminary pleasantries are not required as in some other countries. A brief “excuse me” is usually sufficient to get the person’s attention, say, when asking for directions. Americans may feel threatened and become suspicious if a stranger begins with a general “hello, how are you?” sequence and does not get to the point of the encounter directly. Americans do exchange pleasantries among people they already know, but even then they are likely to get to the point relatively quickly.